This unit was designed to optimize the operation of a system very far from the cold warehouse in California. Each unit serves 6 evaporators of 12TR each at a suction temperature of 25F. Adding a second receiver, which increases the charge capacity to more than 652 lbs. of refrigerant, ensures that the refrigerant charge from the evaporators could be contained during defrosting. The addition of a double heat exchanger at the suction (on the suction accumulator and upstream of the compressor) ensures that no liquid can reach it. A coalescing oil separator, which allows 99% of the oil to be collected, reduces the risk of low oil level in the compressor. Combined with Coresense systems with electronic oil level detection, the customer can be alerted as soon as a low oil level of a compressor is detected. The condensing coil has been rebalanced to 10 fins per inch, allowing for easier maintenance and a lower risk of fouling. These condensing units are fitted with two-speed Ziehl-Abbegg fans and each compressor is fitted with two unloaders, allowing substantial energy savings.

The EQE evaporators (18 in total in the cold room) are all equipped with an electronic expansion valve, 2-speed Ziehl-Abbegg motors and a Refplus Guardian + electronic controller for precise and efficient operation. By installing them in a network, the customer can access each evaporator with a connected device (cell, tablet or computer). Lots of customized options have been provided to the customer, such as electrical components directly in the evaporator so you only need to pass the power wiring to each evaporator and an air deflector on one fan to increase the distribution of air in the warehouse.