This unit serves as the primary chiller for a HVAC testing facility project in Mexico. This unit is used for cooling a glycol loop which in turn serves as temperature-controlled test chambers to meet the standards applicable to the equipment.

The chiller is made up of 4 tandem groups, each supplying a plate heat exchanger to maintain the temperature of the glycol water at 40°F. R410A refrigerant was chosen because it is readily available, capable of producing the large required capacities and also because it considerably reduces costs. The design of the unit also allows a good capacity modulation, with capacities able to go as low as 12% when demand is low. The customer, with his specialized controller, manages the demand by activating the compressors to meet the demand of the environment chamber.

Also, since this is an indoor unit, the customer wanted noise to be kept to a minimum. We have therefore designed an acoustic envelope that allows the unit to be significantly quieter. Multiple access doors around the unit allow easy access to parts for diagnostics and service.

In addition to this unit, we also supplied the main chiller, its air-cooled condenser, the condensing units cooled with glycol water for DX refrigeration and the DX and glycol coils. These coils are part of air plants built by our customer: Hooks & Associates.