It is with great humility that Mr. Michel Lecompte received yet another award, the Tribute Award at CETAF’s Gala Reconnaissance 2019. This award is presented annually to a CETAF member in recognition of an exceptional career, service to the industry and a passion for excellence. Through his actions and contributions, Mr. Lecompte has made a significant difference to the refrigeration industry and is now regarded as a leading expert in North America.

Engineering draftsman by training, Michel Lecompte begins his academic career by specialising in structural and architectural drawing. When he finally graduated in 1967, it was the year of the Montreal Universal Exposition. In fact, following Expo67, as numerous pavilions wish to reopen, Mr. Lecompte was hired to create replicas of several coils that were originally designed for warmer climates (because they were not designed for the Canadian climate, they all froze!).

1969 becomes a turning point in his career as he joins the team of Blanchard Industries and Blanchard Bohn, where he makes his mark as a HVAC/R designer until 1978. “I was lucking enough to work with an engineer who wanted to reduce his work load and who, without knowing it, taught me the trade. What he didn’t know is that I would eventually fall into the magic potion. It is then that my passion for the industry began”, says Michel Lecompte while smiling.

Several years later, in 1994, he cofounds Refplus and becomes president until 2008. He then Master Group before coming back to RefPlus as VP engineering and R&D.