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The E-DryPlus is a small dimension desiccant dehumidifier mainly for skating and curling rinks. The regeneration is modular for a maximum energy saving. It is an electric heater combined with an optional refrigeration glycol or steam heat recovery coil. It supplies the minimum energy to meet the job requirement. A space is provided for the installation of a heat recovery coil. Optional glycol or steam coil can also replace the electric heater, the PLC provides a 0-10v signal to control a modulating valve.

The E-DryPlus controls are complete with a humidity sensor and a modulating capacity for the regeneration process. A PLC control analyses the dehumidification requirement and adjusts the regeneration temperature according to the water removal requirement and meet the job demand. The control system saves energy by using the minimum regeneration temperature.

The maximum regeneration capacity is 30Kw. This can be a combination of an electric heater 10, 20 or 30 Kw combined with a heat recovery coil of 10 or 20 Kw.

The electric heater can be replaced with a modulating 20 to 30 Kw glycol or steam heating element.

The standard unit does not use any refrigerant. The exception is an optional refrigerant heat reclaim coil. Those units with the optional glycol recovery coil are ideal for LEED buildings.

ZeroLeak Certified

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