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  • Reduced refrigerant charge, piping length and size, overall cost of ownership and carbon footprint.
  • Designed for HFC refrigerant and ready for low GWP refrigerant.
  • Reduces the refrigerant charge by 50% to 75%.
  • Reduces the cost of copper piping by 50% to 75%.
  • Reduces the number of brazed joints and associated refrigerant leaks.
  • Remote or outdoor mounted receiver with a safety relief valve on the air-cooled condenser.
  • Multiple mounting locations, no dedicated mechanical room required.
  • Highly efficient when equipped with vapor injection Scroll compressors.
  • Can be water, glycol or air-cooled.
  • Two to six compressors on vertical models, two to eight compressors on horizontal models .
  • Can be split into two suction groups.
  • SmartPower version available
  • ZeroLeak Certified
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