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The dramatic increase in city water and sewage rates, along with the costly operation of evaporative cooling towers, have created a demand for closed circuit cooling systems.

RefPlus offers a complete line of Dry Type Fluid Coolers for both commercial (air conditioning) and industrial (process cooling) applications. Our Dry Type Fluid Coolers can be designed to meet virtually any heat load – from as small as 10,000 Btu/hr to over 6 million Btu/hr.

RefPlus Dry Type Fluid Coolers are completely sealed, thereby requiring no make-up water or expensive chemical treatment. As these coolers are a closed circuit design, they conserve both water and energy, and are environmentally friendly. Most importantly, our systems are rated and sized specifically according to the customer’s site and requirements.

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CityQuitet version available

SmartPower version available

ZeroLeak Certified

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