CVR Series – Low Noise Air-Cooled Condensers with High-Efficiency Fans – From 126,000 to 2.7 million BTU/HR

Details and specificationsDétails et spécifications techniques

Galvanized steel construction

800mm (31.5”) high-efficiency low noise twin speed fans

Low speed: 0.5HP/510 RPM / High speed: 1.25HP/730RPM

10+ FPI flat slab coil with riffled tubes

Low-GWP refrigerant compatible

CityQuiet standard

SmartPower version availaible

ZeroLeak Certified

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RefPlus’ CVR Series flat slab condensers are air-cooled, vertical air flow commercial and industrial units available in an array of sizes for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. These models are equipped with 800mm (31.5”) high-efficiency cast-aluminum fans that are both efficient and ultra-quiet. They are designed to meet a wide range of heat load, from as small as 126,000 BTU/HR to up to 2.7 million BTU/HR (@ 20°TD with R-448A). All models are available with both single or multiple circuits and models are available in low or high CFM configurations.