Opti-Mist Plus

Details and specificationsDétails et spécifications techniques


How does it work?

The Opti-Mist Plus system uses a natural air cooling process by evaporating a small amount of water to pre-cool air entering a heat exchanger. A system of headers with atomizing nozzles generates a fog of ultra-fine water droplets in the entering air of the unit. A modulating control (50 to 100%) will adjust the air cooling to the job requirement reducing the amount of water used.


  • Pre-cooling the entering air is like reducing the ambient condition at the unit.
  • The Opti-Mist Plus system reduces the size of cooling units while still meeting the cooling requirements of the application.
  • The Opti-Mist Plus system saves energy by reducing the condensing temperature and the fluid temperature. The fluid can be cooled at a temperature close to the ambient temperature.
  • Allows CO2 systems to operate in sub-critical condition for longer hours or more efficiently in a warmer climate.


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