BZD-KZD Series

Heat Reclaim Units

CO2 heat reclaim units equipped with ultra-quiet, high-efficiency fans

88 / 0.37HP
Fan Motors
1X1 to 1X3
Fan Configurations
12 FP
Coil Design
180 to 664 MBH
2000 to 8550 lb/h (1)
(1) Based on specific conditions. Contact RefPlus for more details.

Main Features:

  • Glavanized steel construction
  • Side access panel for easy service
  • ETL or CRN certifications
  • Maximum operating pressure: 1741 psig (ETL & CRN)
  • Heavy wall smooth copper tubes
  • Stainless steel headers, optional Cu-Fe headers available for ETL units
  • Individually baffled fan sections
  • Full selection of fan cycling
  • Thermospan coil design
  • Friction-free coil tracks®

High-Efficiency Fan Features:

  • 20″ (500mm) cast aluminium fans
  • High-efficiency AC fan motors (two-speed compatible)
  • Polymer aerodynamic venturies
  • Standard 2-year warranty on fan motor assemblies
  • Excellent sound levels – as low as 51 DBA for a 1 fan wide unitand 54 DBA for a 2-fan wide unit
  • Permanently lubricated


  • Efficient low-cost CO2 solution for heat recuperation
  • High air throw
  • Natural CO2 refrigerant – Low operating costs

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BZD-KZD Series are medium horizontal or vertical air discharge, floor or ceiling-mounted, industrial CO2 heat reclaim units with 20″ (500mm) high-velocity and high-efficiency fans. Fans draw air from the coil and discharge it through the fan guards at the front of the unit. Ideal to heat a room or a working space they are a great add-on to a system re-using the heat that would have been lost outside through the gas cooler. Making them a significant efficiency solution for an entire CO2 system.

Each unit is fully customizable and includes a wiring diagram that meets the customer’s requirements. The wiring diagram displays all the components with all the necessary protections and controls.

From an environmental standpoint, CO2 is a superior alternative to environmentally-damaging hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). It is also non-flammable, non-toxic, and less expensive. Learn more about RefPlus CO2 technology.

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