Free-Standing Coils

Standard and custom construction free-standing coils

Expansion Coils
Condenser and Heat Reclaim Coils
Chiller, Hot water and Booster Coils
Steam and Steam Distributing Coils

Main Features:

  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel frames
  • Smooth, seamless copper tubes
  • ASME specifications
  • Mechanically expanded tubes into fin collars for permanent bond
  • Heavy wall copper, cupronickel or stainless steel tube options
  • Aluminum, die formed plate type fins
  • Copper, thicker aluminum, polyester coated aluminum or stainless steel fin options
  • Heavy wall (type L or K) seamless copper headers
  • Red brass pipe or stainless steel header options
  • Coil tested at 400 psig –40°F dew points dry air under warm water


  • Air Conditioning, Dehumidifying and Heating
  • Heat Reclaim
  • Fluid Cooling
  • Low Temperature Refrigeration Coils

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RefPlus Free-Standing Coils are individually designed for a high heat transfer performance, low initial cost and long life durability. The stagge-red tube provides a turbulent air flow through the coil. Tubes are smooth, seamless copper, manufactured to ASME specifications. Tubes are mechanically expanded into fin collars for permanent bond.

Fins are aluminum, die formed plate type. They are flat or sine waved to match any application. Fin configuration promotes maximum heat transfer effectiveness with minimum air friction. Full in collars provide accurate fin spacing and full coverage over the tubes.

Headers are heavy wall (type L or K) seamless copper with non-ferrous connections. Headers are generously sized for promoting uniform flow distribution as well as low overall pressure drop. Vent and drain fittings are provided on all water coils. Return bends are heavy wall seamless copper manufactured to ASME specifications.

Frames are heavy-gauge galvanized steel. Top and bottom plates have double bends for more rigidity. Tube sheets have die formed extruded tube holes for maximum tube support.

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