Guardian+ RC-F

Fluid Cooler

Electronic device engineered to significantly simplify and optimize fluid cooler and pump operation and control

Specially Designed
for Fluid Coolers
Quick Setup
Total Control Over
Outlet Temperature
Remote Communication

Main Features:

  • Runs fluid cooler with up to 20 fans (11 stages)
  • Controls 3-way valve
  • Controls multiple fluid coolers (optional)
  • Controls up to 2 pumps – automatically switches to backup pump in case of failure
  • Pump rotation, anti-block and antifreeze
  • Sensor failure alarm
  • Full time event logging for diagnostic
  • Fan and pump run hours information
  • No simultaneous stage starts – prevents power spikes
  • Modulating speed ECM fan start – prevents freezing
  • Remote communication (optional)
  • Can control adiabatic systems (optional)
  • Fan, pump overload and flow alarms (optional)
  • Current sensor switch to proof fan status (optional)
  • Heated control panel for low ambient temperature if necessary (optional)

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The Guardian+ RC-F Controller monitors the outlet fluid temperature in real time and uses predictive smart algorithms to optimize fan cycling and, consequently, to control the fluid temperature with great precision.

It is easily configurable and provides ultraprecise and constant outlet temperature – no need to setup multiple stages. It can be programmed to run a fluid cooler with up to 20 fans and can control single-speed, two-speed or modulating-speed ECM fans. It can also manage up to two pumps as well as a 3-way valve for an even more precise outlet temperature.

RC-F is part of Guardian+, an EcoEfficient+ smartpower controller line developed to lower your operating costs, with the added bonus of peace of mind.

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