EGA Series

Gravity Coils

Ceiling-mounted gravity
evaporator coils

For Coolers +36oF
and Above
Extra Low
Air Velocity
630 to
20,000 BTU(1)

Main Features:

  • Patented gravity flow technology
  • Extra-low air velocity
  • Air defrost
  • Choice of 3, 4 or 6 face tubes
  • Choice of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 slabs
  • Full stainless steel available
  • Ready for low GWP refrigerant and CO2 applications
  • Ceiling mountable

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EGA Series are patented ceiling mounted gravity flow coils available in several sizes. Units use multiple sloped coil slabs for an optimized air distribution. EGA series are for coolers +36°F and above. The temperature difference should always be between 15°FTD and 20°FTD for pro- per operation. Extra low air velocity guarantees draft-free conditions with minimum product weight loss.

Coils are manufactured with seamless deoxidized heavy wall smooth copper tubes and aluminum plate fins. For a maximum heat transfer, the tubes are mechanically expanded into self spaced plate fins with full collar for a permanent bond. Connections and return bends are brazed with high temperature brazing alloy. Coils are factory leak tested at 300 psig and purged with a -40°F dew point dry air. Coils are circuited for HCFC and HFC refrigerant and they are provided with sweat type connections.

The casing material for standard EGA series is heavy gauge textured aluminum. All units come with stainless steel or plated hardware for a lightweight assembly. Other materials are available. EGA series are provided with removable 3/4” female pipe thread drain fitting for easier installation and cleaning when installed with a drain union. All gravity coil are assembled with corrosion free material and components.

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