CS Series

Central Stations

Indoor and outdoor air handling stations
Aluminum Structural Framing
Flexible Modular Construction
1,200 to
50,000 CFM
Steel Panels

Main Features:

  • 12-gauge galvanized steel bolted base
  • Closed aluminium structural framing
  • 1 or 2-inch thick 18-gauge galvanized steel panels
  • Forward curved blower
  • L50, 200,000-hour lifetime blower bearings
  • ODP or TEFC blower motor
  • High-thermal transfer coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins
  • Filters with 30% medium-efficiency pleated pre-filters
  • Aluminum, factory-built dampers

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CS Series are commercial and industrial air handling station units with the versatility to suit any air treatment requirement such as filtration, heating, cooling energy recovery, mixing, economizer, multi-zone control and dehumidification. These air handling stations have a unique design based on an aluminum structural framing, offering unlimited possibilities.

All units are designed with a modular approach that provides flexibility to suit the required configuration. A complete series of standard modular air handling sections from 1,200 to 50,000 CFM are available. These modules are designed for site mounting or factory assembled to reduce costs.

The CS Series is built with a 12-gauge galvanized steel bolted base. As an option, a CS unit can be provided with legs that will replace costly housekeeping pads for condensate trapping. Indoor and outdoor unit construction is based on a closed aluminium structural framing with 1 or 2 inch thick 18-gauge galvanized steel panels. Every blower installed in an air handler is AMCA certified and tested. All motors are high efficiency and installed on a sliding base to adjust belt tensions.

Coils are individually designed for high thermal transfer performance, low initial cost and long life. All filter sections are standard with 30% medium-efficiency pleated pre-filters. Every damper supplied in our mixing, economizer or full-face damper section is factory-built with premium quality aluminum.

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