Guardian+ RC-L

Lead-Lag & Defrost

Electronic device engineered to significantly simplify and optimize cold room operation

Increases System
Increases Lifetime
of Units
Product Loss
Simplifies Cold Room

Main Features:

  • Smart algorithm temperature control
  • Handles from 2 to 8 systems
  • Lead rotation
  • Integrated defrost control (air & elec.)
  • Sensor failure alarms
  • Works with all RefPlus unit models
  • Remote communication (optional) (free open communication protocol)
  • Real time temperature monitoring
  • Full time event logging

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The Guardian+ RC-S Lead Lag controller is a state-of-the-art commercial and industrial cold room manager designed to significantly optimize and simplify room operation as well as improve refrigeration system efficiency and dependability. 

 The RC-S monitors room temperature in real time and uses predictive smart algorithms to optimize Lead Lag operation. It can manage up to 8 systems and it can be programmed to rotate the lead system to equalize run hours. It reduces start-stop cycles, therefore minimizing equipment wear. 

 Guardian+ is an EcoEfficient+ smartpower device engineered to lower your operating costs, with the added bonus of peace of mind. 

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