LJ Series

Light-Industrial Evaporators

Light-industrial, dual-coil evaporators equipped with ultra-quiet,
high-efficiency fans

Medium Profile
35″ High
-25oF and Above
Room Temperature
Air Throw up to
35 ft Each Side
33,500 to
265,000 BTU

Main Features:

  • 20″ (500mm) high-efficiency industrial fans
  • AC fan motors (twin-speed compatible)
  • Standard 2-year warranty on fan motor assemblies
  • Heavy-gauge stucco aluminum cabinet
  • Up to 5 fans
  • Inserted Incoloy electric defrost heaters
  • Hinged, insulated drain pan on all air and electric defrost models
  • Ready for low GWP refrigerant and CO2 applications
  • Ceiling mountable


  • Fully customizable
  • Low noise
  • Low-cost operation

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The LJ Series are ceiling-mounted light-industrial, low-velocity walk-in evaporators with 20″ (500mm) high-efficiency fans. Some available models are AWEF registered.

LJ units are dual-coil construction for an air distribution towards the centre of the cooler or freezer. Fans draw air from below the unit and discharge it through the evaporator coils on both sides of the module. The LJ is recommended where direct airflow on products or workers is a concern. The air defrost model (LJA) is designed for cold rooms above +34oF (1oC), whereas all other models (LJE, LJR, LJT, LJG and LJH) are for cold rooms or walk-in freezers from +25oF to +34oF  (-4oC to 1oC).

Each unit is fully customizable and includes a wiring diagram that meets the customer’s requirements. The wiring diagram displays all the components with all the necessary protections and controls. LJ evaporators are available with an optional Guardian+ RC-S Smart Defrost controller for a trouble-free operation.

LJ evaporators have excellent sound levels, as low as 55 dBA at 10 feet from side of unit (for one fan model at low speed). They are ideal for laboratories, pharmaceutical rooms and drip rooms.

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