Mini Spectrum

Parallel Compressor System

Parallel compressor rack systems

7.5 to 30HP
Available With
Operates With
Most Refrigerants
Fully Customizable

Main Features:

  • Oversized vertical receiver or surge receiver
  • Liquid sight glass indicating the amount of liquid refrigerant in the receiver (Spectrum Series)
  • Replaceable (core) liquid line filter drier with isolating valves
  • Low liquid level receiver alarm with automatic relay (Spectrum Series)
  • Positive oil pressure feed system with oil separator, oil filter and individual com- pressor regulators
  • Replaceable (core) suction line filters for each compressor
  • Individual compressor oil failure switch (compressors with positive pressure oil pump) and high/low pressure control
  • Individual compressor discharge vibration absorbers (reciprocating compressors only)
  • Mechanical evaporator pressure regulators
  • Individual compressor crankcase heaters
  • Individual liquid and suction shut-off valves for each system branch
  • Voltage phase monitor
  • Individual compressor contactor and circuit breaker
  • Individual branch light indicators for refrigeration, defrost operation and alarm
  • Basic alarm system with mechanical relays
  • Vibration isolation pads included
  • Refrigeration racks are supplied with lifting eyes and lift truck slots for ease of installation

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Mini-Spectrum parallel compressor rack systems are ideal for demanding requirements with a broad range of HP available using multiple compressors. RefPlus systems are designed to suit any specific refrigeration requirements.

Mini-Spectrum units are outfitted with extremely effective compressors that run in parallel to match refrigeration, optimizing performance as well as energy efficiency. The controller is the mastermind of the system and controls compressors, condenser, defrost, and other rack components to ensure system stability. It also monitors temperature to insure product integrity.

These systems are custom engineered and manufactured under strict quality control to meet today’s high standards in refrigeration. Flexibility, reliability, and energy efficiency are built into every Mini-Spectrum unit designed and manufactured by RefPlus.

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