Adiabatic System

Supplementary pre-cooling adiabatic system (optional feature)

Increases Capacity of Heat Exchanger
Replaces Cooling Tower & Evaporative Cooler
Reduces Energy Cost by up to 20%
Up to 80% Water Reduction

Main Features:

  • Increases the capacity of air-cooled condensers, fluid coolers and CO2 gas cooler
  • Replaces cooling tower & evaporative cooler
  • No air flow restriction – no pads required, which are subject to soiling and clogging, are costly to replace and require winter storage
  • Smaller footprint for same capacity
  • Reduces refrigerant charge
  • No additional maintenance required
  • Can be installed on most outdoor unit with hydrophobic coated fin
  • 3-step filtration process that eliminates bacterial proliferation, including legionella

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Opti-Mist+® is a supplementary cooling system that considerably increases the capacity of air-cooled condensers, fluid coolers and CO2 gas coolers, especially in hot ambient conditions. It can be fitted as an option to any of these unit models.

The RefPlus adiabatic system uses a natural air-cooling process utilizing a series of headers with atomizing nozzles that generate a fog of ultra-fine evaporated water droplets, pre-cooling the entering air.

The system includes a water pump and a piping network with nozzles, as well as a Guardian+ RC-A controller. It is also equipped with a complete water treatment system, which completely eliminates scale deposits and sterilizes the water supply.

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