Pump Package

Pump Package for Fluid Coolers

Reduces Required Size of Mechanical Room
Fully Integrated
to Fluid Cooler

Main Features:

  • Choice of 3 pump manufacturers: Armstrong, Grundfos, or Wilo (Scot)
  • Choice of simplex or duplex 100% pump configuration
  • Shut-of valves
  • Pressure differential switch
  • Copper piping, fittings, and flexible joints
  • Brass flanges
  • Galvanized steel base and cabinet
  • Insulated and heated cabinet

Optional Features:

  • 3-way mixing valve with actuator
  • Glycol system feeder
  • Air separator (basic or high-efficiency)
  • Spirotop air purger
  • Expansion tank – 2.1 to 13 Gal.


  • Pumps on the roof, reducing the required size of the mechanical room in the building
  • Pump package and fluid lines are integrated to the fluid cooler
  • Factory pre-tested for optimal performances and reliability
  • Ready to operate – plug and play solution
  • Offered on most RefPlus fluid coolers, includingBig-V models

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RefPlus offers a factory-installed Pump Package on the majority of its fluid coolers. These integrated pump packages are an ideal turn-key solution for your fluid cooling needs as they provide several interesting advantages. Because pumps, fluid lines and electrical components are all built-in to the fluid cooler, there is no need for a large mechanical room, which saves both space and maintenance costs. Also, because only an inlet and outlet fluid line is required, setup is quick and easy, keeping installation and labor costs down considerably.

Pump Package is fully customizable and comes complete with a simplex or duplex 100% pump configuration (one or two-pump system). Assembly can include a 3-way mixing valve with actuator, an air purger/air separator, a glycol system feeder, an expansion tank, shut-off valves as well as all the necessary copper fittings, flexible joints, brass flanges and adaptors. A heated and insulated cabinet is also available. Fluid cooler and pump package can be controlled mechanically or by the fully enhanced Guardian+ RC-F Fluid Cooler & Pump Package controller. 

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