SE Series

Condensing Units

Indoor Only
Semi-Hermetic, Hermetic
or Scroll Compressor
0.2 to 80HP
Compressor Size
Low, Medium, Extended
or High Temperatures

Main Features:

  • SES: 0.8 to 100HP semi-hermetic dual compressor
  • SEZ: 1.3 to 80HP scroll single compressor
  • SEZ: 2.6 to 160HP scroll dual compressor
  • SEH: 0.4 to 10HP hermetic dual compressor
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Liquid receiver with isolating valves and safety relief valve or fusible plug
  • Electrical control panel complete with compressor contactors, condenser interlock, control transformer, pump-down switch and terminal block
  • Manual reset, fix, high pressure switch
  • Automatic reset, adjustable low pressure switch with flexible hose
  • Oil failure switch (compressor with positive pressure oil pump)
  • Compressor discharge thermostat (low and extended temp models only)
  • Suction accumulator (optional)
  • Crankcase heaters (optional)

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SE Series are commercial remote condensing units available with a semi-hermetic (SES), scroll (SEZ) or hermetic (SEH) compressor.

These units are specifically designed to provide cooling to other equipment and systems that incorporate evaporators (and associated expansion valve control systems). These units are factory-assembled units that consist of a compressor, an interconnecting pipe work and a control panel. Unit design follows the best combination of energy efficiency, reliability, serviceability, and cost effectiveness.

Each condensing unit can be individually designed for a specific job. Each unit includes a control box and a wiring diagram that meets the customer’s requirements. The wiring diagram displays all the components with all the protections and the necessary controls. The unit can be supplied with mechanical or electronic controls.

The SES Series is designed for low, medium, extended or high temperatures. The SEZ and SEH Series are for low and medium temperatures applications only.

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