RefPlus is proud to announce the acquisition of Ceptek Inc. Located in Granby, this Quebec-based company is a true pioneer in the manufacturing of large-capacity CO2 industrial equipment. CO2 is a natural refrigerant that is increasingly popular because of its low impact on the environment. In recent years, Ceptek has specialized in supporting companies in their energy transition and decarbonization efforts. The company designs and manufactures, among other things, central refrigeration systems, high-temperature industrial heat pumps, fluid coolers, and technical rooms.

RefPlus already has an excellent expertise in designing CO2 equipment, such as condensing units, gas coolers and evaporators. The integration of Ceptek therefore solidifies the company’s position in this field and will provide the additional know-how and infrastructure necessary for the manufacturing of large CO2 refrigeration equipment. This acquisition opens a common market and will propel RefPlus to new heights.

Mathieu Cardinal, President, and CEO of RefPlus, notes: “We believe that the acquisition of Ceptek will quickly create a synergy and allow the company to cement its position as a North American leader in the manufacturing of custom refrigeration equipment. The combination of our two companies will allow us to offer our customers a complete CO2 refrigeration solution, a unique proposition in North America. Our vision as a leader in innovative and eco-responsible refrigeration is in line with that of Ceptek. Their reputation for excellence, high-quality manufacturing, and personalized service as well as their adherence to our core values made them a natural choice.» 

Pierre Lévesque, President of Ceptek: “Our acquisition by RefPlus breathes new life into Ceptek by enhancing its operational capacity, thanks in part to a new access to specialized machinery and to a new expertise in both engineering and production. RefPlus’ state-of-the-art R&D centre is a major asset that will allow us to significantly accelerate our efforts towards innovation and quality. Our expertise in CO2 refrigeration equipment combined with RefPlus’ extensive design and manufacturing capacity will allow both entities to take another step towards a bright and green energy future.»

About Ceptek: Ceptek Inc. was founded in 2010. The company is focused on the use of natural refrigerants to optimize performance and promote the necessary decarbonization efforts. In recent years, it has designed and developed numerous large-scale projects in the pharmaceutical, agri-food processing and fisheries sectors, among others. The firm distinguishes itself by being focused on success and collaboration between their partners and clients. While promoting CO2, it develops the talents of the future both internally and externally.