RefPlus has launched the ZeroLeak program

RefPlus has launched the ZeroLeak program

In an ideal world, there would never be refrigerant leaks!

In order to reduce the refrigerant environmental footprint, RefPlus has launched the ZeroLeak program. The objective of this audacious program is to reduce the risks of leakage by designing an innovative refrigeration equipment line. Many hours of R&D have allowed RefPlus to design equipment that:

  • Uses 50% less refrigerant,
  • Is built with fewer welds
  • Offers a higher ratio of resistance to pressure.
  • RefPlus coils are designed to deliver the ultimate heat transfer efficiency under all operating conditions.

Our ZeroLeak processes are derived from the aerospace industry to ensure that the equipment is properly sealed before the final quality approval.  For example,

  • RefPlus’ welders go through extensive training and obtain a welding certificate from local government agency
  • RefPlus welders use the best solder in the industry and a higher ratio of silver than recommended by industry standards
  • All pressurized equipment go through a pressure control test
  • All joints and connections go through a final leak detection test using hydrogen as a chase gas

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