RefPlus Launches New Pump Package Line

RefPlus Launches New Pump Package Line

RefPlus is introducing a new line of pump packages for fluid coolers. Pump package is available separately or can be offered as an option on all RefPlus Fluid Coolers.

Standardized pumping systems are available from one to multiple pumps and simplex or duplex configurations, from 1hp to 20hp per pump, in fixed speed or variable speed, equipped for chilled-water, utility and condenser water service, and duty/stand-by configurations. But our standard pump stations are typically a starting point for thorough conversations and mutual understanding about the ideal solution.

Pre-mounted, piped, wired and tested pump stations often involve multiple pumps, control valves, one or more tanks, heat exchangers, SPIREX™ Separators and PLC control systems. Cost-effective and rapid availability are hallmarks of FCS packages that arrive pre-tested and ready to install.

Seamless integration into our customers comfort-cooling or industrial processes with highly consistent flow and pressure from FCS equipment are always provided.

Whether you require an open loop or closed loop system – pumping water, propylene glycol, ethylene, or other fluid – our engineers and skilled technicians will design and build the solution that best suits your requirements and budget.